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If you’re moving overseas, in between homes, there is a gap in settlement dates, decluttering before selling your home, travelling, or simply downsizing, short or long term storage Sunshine Coast might be a good option for you. When properly prepared and stored, furniture can be safely kept in storage for months or even years. We’ll help you live an uncluttered life in your new place by safely and securely storing any items that don’t fit or aren’t immediately needed. Our storage facilities are always available – even if you’re NOT moving – Talk to us about your options.

There are a range of different ways that removalists store furniture. Our way is a unique door to door service where there is no double handling, safe and cost effective. In the hot and humid Qld climate, proper storage solutions are essential to keeping your furniture and other possessions from deteriorating. Affordable Removals uses custom-made timber storage unit modules, designed to allow constant airflow. Properly circulating air prevents sweat and moisture from creating mould, rot, or staining.

Each storage unit module has a space capacity of ten cubic metres, and an average house or business will use 3-4 modules. Using several smaller modules means you only pay for the space you use, and reduces the need to stack heavy items. All lounges are covered and placed in our lounge storage racks to prevent indentations occurring from heavy items being stored against or on top of them.

The process is simple. Our truck will arrive at your residence loaded with empty storage unit modules. Our removalists load the furniture straight into the modules and then transport the modules back to our Sunshine Coast warehouse where a forklift is used to unload the modules from the trucks and stored at our secure, self owned facilities located at 25b Latcham Drive Caloundra West, Qld. We will provide a range of packing materials, such as blankets and plastic covers, where appropriate.

For customers wishing to store plants in our onsite nursery, we will bring a trailer on the day to transport your plants and place them in the shaded nursery.

Once your module is packed, we take it to our secure storage facility, where it is held safely until you need it. We can also provide a specialist lounge racking system, for cost-effective and safe lounge storage solutions.

When you choose Affordable Home & Office Removals, you’ll get a trained team of removalists, who will use the appropriate packing supplies to protect furniture from moisture or dust. We have the range of knowledge, experience, and security to protect delicate, antique or unique furniture and materials from deteriorating in the harsh Qld environment and we can even back it up with our written No Damage Guarantee.

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