Storage Boxes Sunshine Coast

Our Storage Boxes (Modules)
Will Make Your Move Easy & Stress Free!

Need Storage Boxes Or Modules To Solve Your Storage Problems?

  • Decluttering or downsizing – are you preparing your home for sale and need to get that streamlined effect. Are you engaging a house stylist to prepare your home to get that wow factor when selling? Our modules or storage boxes are what you need, we come to your home, load your goods into the storage modules for safe keeping and can also assist you with disposal of unwanted furniture to the tip
  • Do not have a direct delivery address? Need a stop off for your furniture whilst awaiting a settlement for your new home? Have you not found that house that jumps out to you as your next new home? Take the stress out of wondering how to deal with the gap period. Maybe you are building your dream home and need storage whilst building. We look after all your storage needs, we can store your furniture anywhere from overnight, a week, a month, a year or as long as you require – giving you the breathing space to take your time to find what you are really after.
  • Have you sold the family home and wish to go travelling? While you are going to live the dream travelling whether it be for a few months to a few years, your precious items can be safely and securely stored in our storage giving you peace of mind. We can set up easy direct debit payments for your storage whilst you are busy discovering the world!

  • Are you renovating and/or extending your home? Whilst you are excited and busy organising your renovations and redecorating – we make the first step in your renovation journey by removing all your furniture from part or all your home allowing the room for your trades people to come in and make the magic happen! We can also stagger removal of your furniture as is needed or in 1 go. We work around your schedule collecting and re-instating your furniture as required.
  • Sometimes a sudden event happens in life requiring you to urgently vacate your current premises whether it be storm damage or flooding we can assist in urgently collecting your furniture and storing in our storage boxes or modules until your crisis or sudden event has settled down and repairs carried out.

How do you go about using our storage boxes, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3?

1. Simply ring our office and we will organise a free onsite visual inspection so we can establish how many storage modules you will require and provide you with a quote for removal of goods to our storage and our storage fees.

2. Once your removal is booked, on the day the storage modules are loaded by forklift onto our truck and we arrive at your premises and simply load direct into the modules.

3. Once your removal is completed, the modules are brought back to our depot and offloaded by forklift into our warehouse. When you are ready for delivery out of our storage, simply contact our office to give us approx. 1 weeks’ notice to deliver.

If you would like to find out more about our storage boxes or modules, please feel free to contact our friendly professional sales team on 07 5491 1078 or email us your enquiry to