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Our award winning top quality service for both residential and business moves coupled with the fact that we have been in the QLD removal industry for over 13 years means that you can trust us to deliver your possessions safely and on time. We understand that office moves shouldn’t be treated as just another home removal when in fact they have a far different agenda. We set up an organised service that involves teams of removalists working together. The less time it takes to move, the more quickly your organisation can get operating again.

The biggest mistake people make when moving locally is assume that because they are moving a short distance, detail is not important. Whether you’re moving your business from the Sunshine Coast to Toowoomba or from Caloundra to Pelican Waters, the way we pack your precious possessions and the way we load the truck is exactly the same.

We understand that removals are not a one size fits all and each removal has it’s own variables, some requiring more attention than others. Affordable Home and Office Removals will customise your removal to your needs and budgets – We offer both hourly rate, fixed rates and free onsite quotations.

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Beware of the easy term “Transit Insurance”. This will cover goods only en-route and only for consequences of fire, collision, overturning and flood – not scratches, rubs, leaking trucks, etc. We offer a “No Damage Guarantee”* which covers our customers for items that we pack including furniture. It will cover you for any damages to your household contents as well as any damages to your home such as scratches on walls, floors, etc. This is an excellent product as it covers you all the way through from loading to transit to unloading. It will also cover any items that you have stored with us up to 6 months.

The insurance area of removals and storage can be misunderstood, often misinterpreted, and as it can be complicated, too many people find it easier to assume. There is no such thing as “free insurance” for removals or anything else. Someone has to pay the premiums at some stage. Furthermore, it is impossible to obtain insurance without agreement on the risks to be covered and a declaration of the value of the goods covered.

People know that insuring their house does not automatically cover the contents, and that the contents premium varies on the contents value and that there is usually a sting of exclusions. Some people expect their goods to be loaded into a van, be covered for everything, with no exclusions, at no cost and no declaration of value. The removalist’s vehicle’s insurance, compulsory third party, business public liability – none of these cover goods in transit. Goods in transit have to be covered under a quite different kind of insurance.

Customers can become confused because some removalists have a blanket insurance cover that they offer for “free” and then the costs are recouped from the removal. It is essential that any customer, who believes that their goods are insured, or has been lead to believe so, apply the following simple control. If you do not have the following – A written confirmation of insurance, a statement of risks, a statement of value cover, then you are not insured in a form that would stand a legal test.

We are justifiably proud of the service we provide, our focus is always on the provision of a high quality service and the minimisation of risk during the relocation process. That said it pays to be aware of the fact that your goods are exposed to a number of risks of which many are outside our control whilst your goods are in transit and/or storage. Just as you need to protect your valuable possessions and property in your home, we have an obligation to recommend that you consider protecting the same valuable personal possessions and property whilst in transit/and or storage.