The Benefits of Storage Services

You have decided to reduce the clutter you have accumulated over the years, but cannot decide which items will go and which will stay. The best solution is to use storage movers. This route gives you the time to mull over your decision while your possessions are kept in a safe and secure place. By engaging a storage service specialist, you do not have to pack your own things, hire a truck or transport the containers to a storage facility. No Damage Removals offers a unique door-to-door storage service that uses custom-made storage modules to store furniture and other belongings. The storage modules are timber crates that are designed to fit inside a customised removal truck. The truck is sent to the client’s home and loaded with the client’s furniture and belongings by an experienced staff. The timber cranes are stored in a warehouse. Here are some benefits from using No Damage Removals’ storage services. For more information about storage services, click Maximum Protection for Stored Items Using timber storage modules is safe and secure. In addition, the modules allow airflow to prevent sweat or moisture, which can occur in metal shipping containers. For added protection, the items are covered in blankets and plastic covers where required. Large Capacity Modules A module has a generous load capacity of 10 cubic metres. Three to four storage modules are needed to pack an average house. One Time Handling Furniture and other household items are loaded into the required number of storage modules in your home. This prevents double handling of your possessions upon their arrival at the company’s warehouse. Convenient Warehousing The modules are taken out of the truck with forklifts and placed in a secure warehouse. The warehouse is cool and is free of vermin. Reduced Risk The risk of damage to your belongings is significantly minimised because the storage modules are loaded and unloaded only at the client’s address and not at the warehouse. In addition, a specialist racking system is available to allow lounges to remain free standing. This keeps the lounges in good condition even while in storage. No Minimum Period Required Customers can choose to store their items for days, weeks, months or years. This means you can leave your items in storage without worrying that they will be thrown away after a certain period of time. Cost Effective Customers are required to pay only for what they use. Using several smaller modules saves money than renting a shed that you would only half use.

Your Best Choice for Removal Services

We all know how moving to another place can be a stressful undertaking. It does not matter if you are moving to another house or your office is relocating to another building. There are so many things to worry about and several things to organise and schedule. Getting help from a professional removal company can relieve you from the burdensome tasks that need to be handled. Affordable Home & Office Removals provides customers with everything they need to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are just some of the key points where the company can help you. Furniture Handling One of the common worries when moving is the handling of furniture. Affordable Home & Office Removals assures customers of professional handling of home and office furniture, so that these items will be removed and placed in the right room with no problem. The company has the expertise in disassembling and reassembling beds and other furniture items. Then, they take extra steps to make sure that the furniture items are placed in the rooms. Packing Services If you do not have the luxury of time, you can ask the removal company to do the packing work for you. Items will be organised and packed to ensure that there are no breakages or damage to them during transit. The removalist allows you to customise your packing. You can do as little or as much of the packing work as you would want. The rates will be adjusted accordingly. Carton Loan The company offers a flexible service to its customers. If you wish to do the packing on your own but do not have the cartons, you can borrow boxes from the company. You will be provided with boxes that are specifically intended for moving purposes. You can be sure to get the right packaging materials to protect your valuables during their transport. No Damage Guarantee You can relax with the knowledge that the company offers a written no-damage guarantee for its moving service. The company understands the need of customers to get to their destination without any hassles, so they make sure that they employ safe movers to handle furniture and valuables. All-Day Service The company covers all of South East Queensland and provides the same excellent service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter what time you need the service. The company will adjust to your needs and schedule. Visit the company’s website at to find out more about their services.

Get Rid Of Your Unused Junk At A Garage Sale

It is amazing how even the most minimalist person can accumulate a mass of belongings. We find that as we live in any place for too long we will grow and spread to fill every nook and cranny of our homes, garages, sheds and gardens. That ‘too long’ really doesn’t have to be that long either. In a matter of a couple of months you can accumulate any number of important objects that can take up space. When you get ready to move you may still not really have any idea of just how much stuff you have to move. That is, until you miss that deadline and find that the removalist is there and you only have half your stuff packed. This is not a good deadline to miss, especially if you should discover that you are actually packing stuff you no longer have a need or desire for. Your Rubbish is Another’s Treasure Just because you don’t need or want something doesn’t mean it is not worth something. If you have the time to sit at your computer and list everything on eBay, then go for it, but if time is of the essence then you may need to think about having a garage sale. They can be organised at very little notice and are a great vehicle to shift a lot of belongings in one fell swoop. Sorting Out the Good from the Bad or Indifferent Sorting out your belongings into good – keep, bad – get rid of, and indifferent – also get rid of, is the first step to any successful move. Once you have sorted your items and have the items you wish to let go of you are ready to kick off into Garage Sale Land. Do A Little Research Remember, the rule of thumb here is you don’t want it anymore, so if you can get someone to pay you for it and also remove it from your property, you are onto a winning formula. To this end you might want to do a little research and see what similar items to yours are selling for. Unless it’s an antique or collector’s item, what you paid for it has very little to do with its value. There is no sense in asking $20 for something that is only worth $5. Once the fuss and bustle of the day is over you should have a nice stash of cash to pay your removalist extraordinaire, No Damage Removals. The other thing you will notice is how light and free you feel from letting go of some of your stuff.

Minimise the Stress of Moving House

Life is extremely hectic for most of us and often we don’t get the chance to do the fun things in life. If you are thinking of moving house but are extremely busy with work and family, then it can be hard to pack up the house and move furniture yourself. That is why removal companies are the best way to move. Packing up a house and shifting furniture can be a real hassle, especially when you do not have the resources to get the job done. Often, when you get boxes and furniture to the other destination, you find something that has been damaged. That can be the worst part of moving, especially with something of sentimental value. If you are in the market to move house, you can contact a professional removal company to get the job done for you. The professionals can pack for you and have all your furniture shifted in no time at all without any damage to your belongings. Getting your possessions to the new place without damage is important to you and is guaranteed by professional removalists who strive to give you the best quality service they possibly can. They can even unpack for you at the other end. You could not ask for a better, more professional service to help free up your valuable time for more important things. Shifting house is a big job for anyone, more so if you do have a very hectic lifestyle already. Professional removalists are fully trained to ensure that all of your possessions are properly protected before being packed into a box. Your furniture is moved carefully and protected from damage also. The best part about removalists is they not only do domestic moves, they can also help you to move your business to other premises as well. This is a great way to ensure that you are left to deal with your clients and the important details of your business. If you need to move house or business premises then there is no reason to stress over packing boxes or moving furniture. You can have fully qualified professionals do all the hard work for you. This will leave you stress free and able to deal with every other aspect of your life, knowing that your possessions are in good hands. Why not give professional removalists a call today and save yourself all the stress and drama associated with shifting house or business premises?

Mastering Downsizing

The art of downsizing is a true art form. Let’s face it. Most of us have some unwanted chattels we could well do without. They clutter up not only our homes but block us from actually receiving the things we DO want. If you are in the position of beginning a whole new life in a brand new place, reliable furniture removals specialists No Damage Removals have put together some tips to help you embrace this exciting new start instead of dreading it. Letting go is Easy Well it should be easy to let go. The first rule to remember is you are downsizing to create a change and start a new, more satisfying phase. The children have grown up and moved away and your time is now your own. You have done the research and realise how many wonderful options you have when choosing to live by the ocean. Make a list or a pile of items you definitely want to keep and pack them up ready to go. Of the items that are left sort them into stuff you know you can let go and stuff you are unsure about. When you start sorting through the ‘unsure’ pile, think about the new home you are going to. How many rooms does it have? And what size are those rooms? These two thoughts will help with the step of sorting what to keep and what to let go. Often we find as we go through our cupboards, it is the emotional items that we hang on to for sentimental reasons. You find the tiny tea set your grandmother gave you stashed in the back “just in case” or the collection of figurines your children used to collect. The truth is you do not need a material belonging to hang on to cherished memories. Ask yourself, does this item have any useful purpose for me? If the answer is no, be firm with yourself and let it go. Give it away, sell it on eBay, or donate it to a worthy cause. If you have anything of value that is worth selling, do seriously consider doing it sooner rather than later. A recent article speculated on the value of such items as more and more baby boomers move into retirement and downsize. What you think may have value now may be worthless in the future. For many more tips and advice to help make your move as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, visit and get motivated for a brand new life!

The Nitty Gritty of Moving Home

It’s a fact. Moving home has been proven to be one of the most stressful things you can experience in life. They have it right up there next to the death of a loved one and divorce. So how can you get through this experience with the minimum of fuss and stress? You need to take the time to nut out the whole scenario from beginning to end. Every nitty gritty little thing needs to be looked at from many angles before you make a decision on which removalist will transport your precious possessions. All removalists can supply you with a thorough written quote if given the opportunity to inspect the quantity of your household goods. Some simply quote an hourly rate. Then it’s up to you to select whom you will employ. Accounting for What You Have When you make the decision to use a removalist such as No Damage Removals, the removalist leaders of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, it really helps us with our quoting if you have a good idea of just how many belongings you possess. Do you have a large house or a small house? It is not so much how many rooms the house may have as you could be living in a 4-bedroom bread box or a 3-bedroom mansion. The size of the house will determine how much you can fit into it – unless you have everything overflowing into the patio, shed and even the yard. We hear you giggle at this but it happens. This is why it is most helpful if you have someone come and take a look around your home to get an idea of how much truck space may be required. On top of the usual furniture such as beds, dressing, dining and coffee tables, chairs and the like, are there any extra pieces that will add a whole lot of space to your belongings? These extras may be the full wall length, ceiling high cabinets in the lounge room, or that great big work bench in the shed. Maybe you have a piano or an outdoor spa that you also want moved. Do you have an overabundance of linen or are you are a collector of an item that takes up a lot of space? The reason we point out things such as this is that most people are surprised and even shocked to discover that their worldly possessions may not all fit into the truck when it arrives.

What Do Removal Companies Offer?

Moving your home or business to another location is not a simple task. People who attempt to self-move can end up regretting their decision because of the many potential things that can go wrong. The whole task of relocating will take up so much of your precious time, which probably would have been better spent with your business or with your family. This is why it is a good idea to hire a professional removal company. No Damage Removals offers home and office moving services at affordable prices. The family-owned and run business serves the local community of the Sunshine Coast. Customers can choose hourly or fixed rates, whichever is more advantageous for them. Customers can also choose to customise the removals service to fit their requirements and budget. For more details on removal services, click No Disruption to Business The company follows an organised system to make your moving efficient. The service starts from the time the company gives the customer a free quote to the organisation of the removal. The company’s experienced and highly trained personnel will complete the removal process with none or little interruption to your business. Available 24/7 The office removal service is available at all hours of the week. Efficient and experienced removalists perform the packing of office furniture and equipment as well as the disassembly and reassembly of office desks. In addition, the company guarantees the safe transport of your office equipment such as computers, printers and photocopiers. No Damage Guarantee The company employs a team of conscientious removalists and reliable vehicles. This ensures that your removal is in safe hands. Still, the company offers a written No Damage Guarantee. All your home and office items are guaranteed to be moved safely to the new premises. No Damage Removals will take full responsibility if any of your possessions are damaged during the removal process. Reputable removal firms will help you plan your move well and will lend packing materials needed for the move. Professional removalists are highly qualified and trained in the moving process. They know that they must be careful when packing your belongings so they will not be damaged during the moving process. Reputable removal companies will offer insurance to cover your valuable possessions in case they are damaged during transportation. You will save much time by hiring a professional removalist, allowing you to focus on other important matters. It will also relieve you of the stress and physical labour that moving entails.

When A Box is Not A Box

Many of our clients can tell us in hindsight the importance of using good quality packing materials. Many a time our No Damage Removals** **moving staff have been greeted with the very real issue of dealing with boxes that are not strong enough to cope with the weight that has been packed into them. There are different strengths and densities to cardboard that do not become apparent to some until you are packing up your home. Cardboard boxes are generally manufactured from corrugated fibre board. This is when you see the flutes or waves between the outer layers of two flat fibre boards. The flute thickness can vary from 0.8 mm to 4.8 mm. Depending on the strength required you can also graduate into a single wall or double walled product. It is the flute combined with the wall that makes the strength of the box itself. You don’t need to pack toilet paper and packets of chips into a box that is strong enough to hold the books from your bookshelf. Alternatively, you do not want to pack your heavy books into the box the toilet paper was shipped in! Not if you value your books, that is. Another thought for you to consider is do not fill large boxes with books or heavy items. This massively increases the weight to be lifted. Better to pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. The Use of Quality Tape The new age of the open market has allowed for lesser quality or imported products to become available in just about any range you care you shop in. The arena that is all things tape is no different. You will find that you can buy what looks like the exact same tape for two very different prices. One product may be $6 or more whilst the other may only be $1. We all have a budget and it could be easy to be seduced by the savings when you consider you will use up to eight or more rolls of tape to move a 4-bedroom home. Just be aware that some tapes on the market do not seem to stick properly to cardboard. Whether this is due to dust or perhaps humidity we cannot say but we can tell you that cheap tape often lifts off the box which can lead to possible spills or breakages.

Why use a Professional Moving Company?

Moving home is acknowledged to be one of the big life stressors for any person. Bearing this in mind, it seems strange that so many people seem to try and move themselves. Whether you are moving across town, or across the country, hiring a professional moving company is the best way to ensure that the process is as painless for you as possible. A professional company will have experience in furniture removals and will know exactly how to pack and transport your possessions. They Have the Right Vehicles The major obstacle to moving your own items is the vehicle used – you are never going to fit a couch into a VW Golf. Even if you can arrange a pick-up of some sort, chances are that you won’t be able to move everything in one go – in fact, several back breaking trips will probably be indicated, increasing the possibility that something could go wrong. The professionals will have vehicles of differing sizes and will usually be able to move all your goods in one go – no worrying about goods getting rained on, or jostled or damaged in a range of several moves. They Have the Staff Moving furniture is not for the faint of heart – it is backbreaking work and takes its toll on you. Not only will you have to load all the furniture, but you have to unload at your destination. Initially, this may not seem to pose any problems but wait until you have to move the fifth box of books. A professional company will send in enough staff and special equipment to handle packing even the heaviest items on your behalf. They know how to do this in the most efficient way and this will make your life much easier. They Have the Experience There is an art to loading up furniture – most people think that you just need to strap it down and move it to the new location. What you need to realise is that some furniture will undoubtedly need to be packed on top of others – it takes a keen eye and proper experience to load the van so that there is minimal chance of damage to your furniture. They will also know how to properly secure the furniture so that it moves less in transit and they will also know how best to wrap the furniture to prevent damage. Is it really worth putting yourself through all the hassle of doing everything yourself to save a bit of money? Please visit our website at more info on professional removal companies.

Types of Storage Spaces

Space can be at a premium, particularly if you have just downsized your home or if you are in the process of saving for a bigger place. Unfortunately, space is not always easy to find. Keeping your home clutter free is sometimes only possible by renting storage space. How Much Storage Space? When it comes to renting a storage space, you generally have two choices – you can rent a storage module (basically a storage crate) or a storage shed. The Storage Modules The advantage of the storage module is that you can have them brought to your home and you can have movers pack them for you before they are transported to the depot. You can rent as many or as few as you need – you may not have enough to fill a storage shed so it is pointless paying for space that you will not use. The modules are simple for the company to store and so they work out considerably less expensive to rent. They are kept cool and free of vermin. Unpacking is simple – they just deliver the module to your home and help you to unpack it. There is no need to worry about leaks or people breaking in – the modules are stored in a warehouse that keeps them protected from the elements and potential thieves. The Storage Sheds Storage sheds have some advantages of their own. They are generally a lot easier to access so if you feel that you need to visit your storage unit fairly regularly, a storage shed may be the option for you. You do need to make sure that you choose a facility that is well-maintained – also ensure that the individual sheds are watertight and that they take measures to control vermin on the premises. Storage sheds are the more expensive option but you will be more easily able to access them. You will also have to arrange for the items for storage to be taken to the storage unit and for them to be removed again once you need them. Most storage companies do have security in place and are therefore secure. At the end of the day though, the choice is completely up to you. You need to decide which option is best for you. Have a look at how much you want to store – you can ask for advice on how much space you will need overall. Take the time to weigh up what you need out of a storage space before you make your final decision.