30 Days Out – Tips to Get You Preparing for Your Move

For most of us the thought of moving house can be a trigger to huge amounts of stress before you even start to move. Many of us have been through the experience of throwing items into boxes just to get them to the other end and then having to sort out a huge mess at your destination. No Damage Removals have put together some brilliant tips to help reduce the stress of moving and have you believing that moving is a synch. WHERE TO BEGIN WHEN MOVING There are many people you can advise far ahead regarding your move. For instance, if you have children, the school they attend can be notified well in advance of their imminent transfer. Likewise, take the time to make contact with the school they will be transitioning to and get the ball rolling on enrolment. This will save time when you arrive in your new home, allowing you time to unpack and not worry about where you stashed the paperwork for safe keeping. Advise all your authorities of your scheduled departure and new address contact. These may include:- • Local Council – both current and the new one – for rates, animal and business registrations; • Your utilities such as gas, electricity, phone and postal service; • Your banking institution; • Your doctor and dentist; • Motor vehicle registration authority and breakdown service including licensing; and • Insurance company for home, boat, bike and car. Spring Clean, Eat It or Throw It Away It is wise to take this early time to start sorting out anything you have been considering clearing out and giving away to charity, friends, or the local tip, such as clothes, toys, books, furniture items, cooking utensils, ornaments, and any other bric-a-brac. Remember when moving that less is more. Sometimes the time, energy and money used to move items, especially large heavy ones, may actually be more expensive than letting them go and getting a new one at the other end. Start to use up pantry items and frozen goods so that you have as little food as possible to transport. If you are not using a packing service, now is the right time to start accumulating packing items such as boxes, newspapers and bubble wrap, et cetera. Finally, think about seeking out the user manuals for your fridge and washing machine. They should have information for you regarding their safe transport. This will include vital information for you or your removalist on when and how to move the fridge and remember that some washing machines will need to have the motor or bowl bolted down.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When it comes to moving, the last thing you need at a time that can be quite stressful is a dishonest mover. Consumers across the country have reported being taken for a ride when it comes to some movers. From breakages, ‘losses’ and being overcharged for time and travel distance, you name the complaint; it has been made. The importance of honesty can’t be stressed enough when it comes to moving someone’s valuables and no one understands that better than No Damage Removals. You can count on these honest movers to get the job done at the cost they quote. Damage is avoidable Some complaints that consumers have about other removalists is that not only are their personal items damaged, such as marked bed frames and chipped dining tables but the buildings themselves. Marks on paintwork and dents in walls are caused due to lack of care, an issue that won’t happen with No Damage Removals. They take great pride in treating your belongings and your home just as they would their own. Assistance is available No Damage Removals offer a whole package, if required, for those who are moving home or office. They offer packing services and storage on top of moving. This means if you are too busy to take care of the job yourself they can help with that, from start to finish. To help make your moving experience even simpler, there is an inventory list on their site here http://www.nodamageremovals.com/inventory-list.php that you can print and list items for each room to help you make sure that you have included everything. If you have any questions about the moving process or need advice, then one of their friendly team will be more than happy to help. No hidden costs As mentioned, some companies are not being up front about their costs or they are charging for time that the client does not believe to be valid. To avoid issues like these No Damage Removals offer upfront costs with no hidden surprises. The prices are realistic, competitive and in writing. It is hard these days to get really good quality honest service for a good price but with this friendly and efficient team you get it all. If you want to avoid unnecessary stress and damage to your goods, if you want to be charged a reasonable price for efficient work then you need to get in touch with the team at No Damage Removals.

The Best of the Removalists Business

No Damage Removals has grown substantially since its introduction to the Sunshine Coast market in 2003. In just over 10 years the business has grown from just one truck to three with an experienced and professional crew assigned to each vehicle. Between them they are averaging 25 removals per week. These figures show that they mean business and they perform in a professional manner at all times. The reason for this amazing growth is simple. • They work hard; • They are keen to keep the customer satisfied; • They offer great rates and; most of all • They offer a written No Damage Guarantee. The good news does not stop there though. They are able to offer a variety of ways to help you through one of the most taxing experiences you could ever have. Let’s face it – moving is not fun. Here are a few more reasons why they have become the best removalists on the Sunshine Coast: • Home or office, they move them all. • Move on an hourly rate or, if you prefer. • They can quote you a fixed rate for your particular move. • Packing and unpacking service. • Disassembly and assembly service. • Free loan of sturdy packing boxes. • 7 days per week service so you can move anytime that suits you. • 2,3,4 or 5-man teams – no job is too big or too small. Service Guarantee Just as the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) recommend, No Damage Removals believe in presenting themselves in the best possible light. To this end they have branded their company on everything they use. The office and trucks proudly advertise the company name and logo and the crews all have uniforms to wear. They are that confident of showing the public who they are and where they come from. You don’t have to take their word for it. A browse through the testimonials page of their website at http://www.nodamageremovals.com is full of praise from happy customers using full names and in some cases including contact details so that you can confirm the information for yourself. To add even more value to their service they have a comprehensive list of ideas and tips on how to pack, when to pack, what to start with first, ways to save on packaging and, best of all, an Inventory List to use so that you know what came out of where and where it is to go when it arrives at its new destination. How does it get any simpler than that?

Upgrading and Moving Your Offices is Easy

When you upgrade your offices to a bright, new address it is important to plan your move carefully. There is very little point in improving your status and image within the community and then relying on the goodwill of your staff to get you through the difficult task of moving. It is not the intention to make small the advantages to having loyal staff members who would be willing to help you relocate your office and its associated items. It is more to point out that if you do value your investment and your staff you will consider most seriously using professional office removals such as No Damage Removals to get you through. Workplace Health & Safety – A Serious Matter Most would be aware that workplace health and safety is a fast growing field. This is obviously due to injuries that occur in the workplace being more stringently inspected, creating new guidelines for employers to follow. If you are the owner of a business that operates from offices, as opposed to the field or a factory, then you most likely have employed intelligent people who have a capability to understand and use computers and their associated programs and can communicate in real terms with your clients. Your insurance coverage would reflect this. Now please don’t take this point the wrong way! Furniture removalists are intelligent! They may even know how to use a computer but it is not their focus. The point is, whilst your staff members are trained to work in an office environment, a furniture removalist is trained to move heavy or sensitive items such as desks, filing cabinets and computer equipment with the minimum of stress to their bodies. Should an accident occur, the appropriate insurances are in place and will cover the claim. Packing, Dismantling and Reassembly all Part of the Service No Damage Removals http://www.nodamageremovals.com are also able to pack your office items and dismantle and reassemble all your furniture and equipment. How much simpler can it get? This will leave you and your staff, the valuable time they require to do what they do best – to stay in contact with your clients, thus reducing stress and downtime. So when you are ready to relocate, don’t look at employing the services of a removalist as an extra expense, look at it as an investment in you and your staff’s wellbeing.

Rain No Bother For Professional Movers

Moving is no fun at the best of times but there are occasions when the job can be made even more laborious such as when it rains. Rain can bring about more issues on moving day but when you have booked No Damage Removals for their fast removal services and you need to get out of the old premises and into the new, then the move must go ahead. Because No Damage Removals are experts in their field, usually a spot of rain is no bother for them. They will know the precautions to take to ensure safety of themselves, your belongings and the property being moved from and to the destination. If you have decided to move some items yourself on the day or on another day and there is rain, here are some tips to make the move run more smoothly in the wet. Dress for safety Moving and unpacking is a grubby job sometimes; anyway, so it’s unlikely you are planning on wearing your Sunday best. But where rain is concerned you need to dress a little more for the occasion. Sturdy shoes that don’t slip are a must. You don’t want to be moving a heavy item around on a wet surface in unreliable shoes. You can fall and hurt yourself. Or you can slip and twist your back and be in all kinds of trouble. Gloves are also very useful if you will be handling wet items or if your hands are getting wet, as they will prevent things from slipping out of your grip. This could cause breakages or injury. Keeping old towels or sheets in doorways will prevent went entryways and floors and thus prevent slips and falls too. Protect your property Placing sheets or towels in doorways not only protects you and your belongings from falls and breakages, it will protect the premises too. Walking wet or muddy shoes into or out of the property could result in damaged carpets or flooring. If you place old mats and off-cuts in hallways, this will protect flooring and if you find you are moving in wet weather try to place as many items as possible in the rooms closest to where you enter. This will prevent having to walk water and/or mud around the new or old place too much. Talk to the experts at No Damage Removals for further advice on the off chance it will and your moving day. With these experts at your service it should all run according to plan.

Tips for Carefree Moving

Whilst No Damage Removals offer a complete packing and easy removal service you may wish to pack yourself and let the professionals move you. In the business of moving, time means money. This will obviously save you a bit of cash and also allow you an opportunity that you otherwise would not have had to weed out a few more things to throw in the Vinnie’s bin or advertise on eBay or Gumtree. Children and Pets If your move is within the same city, if is at all possible when you are packing and subsequently moving it will keep your stress levels to a minimum if you can get a friend or relative to look after the children and pets. The House You Move Out Of If you have to dismantle anything, keep the nuts, screws, and washers, et cetera. in a correctly marked, small clip lock bag and tape it to the item they come from. This also applies to keeping the chargers for your phone, laptop, and camera handy and contained. If you wish to fix the holes made by pictures and prints on the walls, a little bit of soap does the trick. To save money on bubble wrap pack your glassware into clean socks. You can also use clothes, blankets, and towels to pack breakable items. Don’t forget you can enlist the help of clothing baskets, and any other baskets you have around the house instead of packing boxes. You can even just leave your items in your dresser drawers. Things that you may need to get your hands on in a hurry at the other end can be packed into clear boxes for easy identification. Start winding down on grocery shopping and use up what is in the pantry so that you are not moving food that is best replaced once you are in your new home. The House You Move Into If you have the opportunity it is always helpful to give the bathroom and kitchen a clean before you move in. Then you can simply unpack and put things away without any extra work on the day. Finally, it is helpful to pack yourself an overnight bag full of the things you will need first thing in the morning in your new home. Then you don’t have to start unpacking to get to a clean change of clothes or toys for the children. For more great packing tips visit http://www.nodamageremovals.com

Moving Out of the Family Home? Take All the Fear and Stress Out of Moving

Okay, maybe fear is too strong a word to describe that bunch of butterflies buzzing around in your tummy. Adrenaline and the consequent effects of it are often confused for fear when it is really full on excitement coursing through your veins. Full on excitement at finally moving out from under and completing the growth necessary to become a fully-fledged and functioning member of society. Of course, you won’t realise it as a growth phase until you have passed through it. This is probably due to the fact that all you can think about is that you are about to realise your dreams of sleeping in for as long as you like, staying up as late as you want, having your friends over to play loud music, and doing the dishes whenever you feel like it without the overseeing influence of well-meaning parents. If you thought you were going to get tips on how to achieve all that here then think again. It is important for you to be aware of the pitfalls and challenges that you may encounter on this journey and perhaps you will take it more kindly from a stranger than from mum and dad. Starting Out Right The first thing you need to do is a budget. It is a simple math equation you were hopefully taught at school. You must ascertain that the cost of rent, food, and services such as electricity, gas, water, as well as phone and fun money, are all less than what you are earning. This sort of exercise will guide you towards the style of accommodation you can afford. It may be that you will need to consider a shared house situation. If this is the case, finding the right fit of people is absolutely necessary to make this style of living work. If you are a shift worker, for example, you do not want to have people on the property during the day making a lot of noise, so a work from home carpenter may not be the best flatmate for you. Finding housemates whose thoughts, beliefs, and integrity align with your own will also be an advantage. When you finally find that perfect place please consider using the efficient furniture removalsspecialists at No Damage Removals and don’t let your mates carelessly throw all your stuff into the back of their ute. Check out our great tips and rates at http://www.nodamageremovals.com

Tips to Help Your Children When You Move

Moving home can be stressful enough without factoring in how your children may feel about the whole thing. The friendly removal crew from No Damage Removals have often seen the chaos that erupts during this time. For children and teenagers leaving friends and a community they are familiar with can be a daunting experience. To help your children come to terms with your move here are some simple no nonsense tips. Luckily, in this modern age, people are only as far away as a phone call and with the wonders of Skype and Facebook it is easy to keep in touch with loved ones. Perhaps you could arrange a last hoorah for your children and their friends to get together and have a big send off with the view to always staying in contact and close. It is important to allow children the space to permit them their feelings and not to belittle them in any way about feeling the way they do. We all have feelings. It is dealing with them in a healthy way that will help the best. Don’t let yourself be bullied by them into making decisions, deals, or promises like who gets the biggest room, etc. You may not be able to keep deals that are made under stress, which will only lead to more upset. Often, the thought of changing schools can be the issue. Saying goodbye to the old and familiar and going into the great unknown can be a challenge for anyone. Try to visit the school you intend to enrol your children in and you will see some promising change. They often start to feel quite excited after visiting their new school. Children are friendly folk and the resident kids will show curiosity and more than likely speak with you and your child on your visit. Suddenly all sorts of possibilities will appear to them. Once the room distribution has been agreed upon, empower your children by allowing them to organise it how they want. This will also go a long way towards giving them a feeling of security and you can always change it around once they are settled. Last but by no means least. If you find your child is struggling to adjust, a visit to the school guidance counsellor or a professional therapist will help. Allowing them to talk through their issues is just as important as you dealing with your own. For more great hints, tips and tricks to help make your move a smooth, one visit us at http://www.nodamageremovals.com

Storage Services with Definite Advantages

There are many cases where a storage service becomes an obvious need. But not all storage services are the same. At Affordable Home and Office Removals, storage services are designed to provide customers with many benefits. The company, which specialises in handy furniture removals, complements its removal services with storage services for customers who need a temporary area where they can leave their valuable items for a set period of time. The removal specialist accommodates storage of various items for days up to years. Tailor Made for Customer Requirements The company’s storage services are very cost effective because they are custom made according to the requirements of the customer. With other services, the customer is forced to rent a whole room or storage area. The removal company, on the other hand, only provides the necessary space needed to store the furniture or items. The items are stored in wooden modules, which can also fit inside the company’s removal truck. The customer will then only pay for the modules that they use. Typically, an average house will use 3 to 4 wooden modules with a capacity of 10 cubic metres. Using these timber modules makes it easy to transport the items from the home or office to the actual storage warehouse. Main Advantages Affordable Home and Office Removals’ storage services provide many advantages over other storage services. The storage system ensures that the items are kept safe and free from moisture, which can damage the items. Moisture intrusion usually happens in metal shipping containers. Furniture and other items stored are also secured from vermin attacks. Where necessary, the items are covered in blankets or plastic wraps to protect them from the elements. The company’s storage services are also very cost effective and very flexible. Customers can choose to store their items for days, weeks, months or even years. When it is time to bring the items to where the customer wants to send them, they can be easily loaded in a custom built removal truck. The items are carefully handled by removal experts in the company. Because the company’s business is built on trust and the no-damage guarantee, customers can rest assured that the same safe handling is accorded to the stored items. For instance, items are stored free standing in a lounge rack to ensure that they do not get damaged while they are stored in the warehouse. The custom-built trucks for storage also add assurance that the items will not be damaged during transport.

Relocation Stress Eased by Having Reliable Removalists

There are a few life events that experts agree are among the most stressful we can experience. Bereavement, loss of income, divorce, prolonged illness and natural disasters all feature but surprisingly, moving house was also on the list. On further consideration though, it makes sense because all of these scenarios represent change in one way or another, and change can be very stressful. Whether the move is an exciting one full of anticipation, or a forced situation caused by out-of-control events, there are still elements of the process that make people anxious. People worry about deciding what to dispose of and what to take, the cost and if the family will adapt to the new surroundings. Having a competent, honest and reliable company like No Damage Removals on the job will ease some of that anxiety. Being Organised is Essential to Avoid Stress Organisational and emotional issues still need to be dealt with, and both can be overcome with some common sense strategies. For some people, being organised is natural but for others it is a constant struggle. Moving house needs organisation for everything to flow smoothly, and the old-fashioned technique of making lists and writing down tasks to be done are still valid. Keep everything in one notebook so there are no loose notes left lying around to be lost. Start packing as early as possible, keeping just the things needed for daily life. Label each box with the name of the room where it will be placed in the new house. This makes it much easier for the reliable movers to set everything down in order. Keep up a normal routine as much as possible especially if you have young children. This assures them that everything is under control in what must seem like chaos. Take Plenty of Time to Say Goodbye Emotional needs can be addressed in a number of ways. Leaving an area where the family is part of the neighbourhood will be sad, so visit neighbours and say goodbye, pass on addresses and contact details in advance. The day of the move is not a good time to do this, and much of what needs to be said gets missed in the activity of the day. Prior to the move, explain to young children what is happening and why. Take them around their favourite places and take photographs so they can look back and remember. At the same time, paint a vivid word picture of the new location so they look forward to getting there. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and don’t dwell on the past. Moving is the start of a new future so make it exciting.