Moving House: How to Survive

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, and is considered to be up there with the death of a loved one, and a relationship break-up, in terms of the level of anxiety that it causes. The experience of settling into a new home and a new way of living is a lot to get your head around without the anxiety of actually moving all your belongings yourself, so it might be a good idea to think about getting someone to help. No matter which way you choose to tackle the task of moving, make sure that you go easy on yourself and don’t put extra stress on an already painful exercise. Get a Removalist In reality, the best way to tackle moving house is to stand back and let a removalist do it for you. Depending on the removal company that you choose, you will still need to do some of the work, such as sorting out what you want to take with you, and what you are going to sell, throw away or give away. With removalist companies such as No Damage Removals you can customise your move so that you do as little or as much as you like. Give Yourself Time Whether you are choosing to get a removalist to do the job or you feel courageous enough to tackle it yourself, give yourself ample time for the task. Many people have attempted to do a move in a two-week turnaround time and this only creates more stress. Try to allow at least six weeks to allow for booking the removalist, or preparing yourself and your belongings for the task ahead. Out With the Old Go through all of your possessions with a ruthless eye, and get rid of anything that you have not used in the last 12 months. Many of us find ourselves moving the same junk from place to place, still in the boxes from the last move, without even stopping to enquire whether we still want it in our lives anymore. If you have an idea that you might want to move three months ahead of time, start right away with the culling of what is no longer needed. You will not only have less to move, but you will feel a lot lighter as you begin your new life in your new home. Ask for Help Don’t be shy about asking for help. Put the word out on your social networks asking for help and call in favours from friends and family. You don’t have to do it alone! Get a good friend to come around a month before the move, to help you with the clean-up, throw-out phase. Seriously consider getting a removalist who you can trust will do damage-free packing as well as moving for you, such as No Damage Removals. You will be thanking yourself later for investing in your own sanity!

Moving Is Less Stress With The Right Removalist

Moving is not on anyone’s list of fun things to do but at some point in our lives we all need to do it. No doubt, moving is a big job but it can be done successfully and with minimal hassle if you implement a good plan and find a reliable mover. There are a few removalist companies out there to choose from whom offer varying services at different prices with some offering better service than others. At No Damage Removals we believe we offer the best range of services teamed with outstanding customer service at competitive pricing. We have put together some information explaining why choosing a professional removalist is the best way to go and how you should ascertain who is best for your needs, although we are sure you will find it is our company. Is going professional best? Is using a professional mover the best option? In short, yes. Of course not all professional companies, like any business, offer the service they promise but, on a whole, using a mover to get you from A to B means less work and less stress for you. Proof of reliability A sure way to tell the reliability of a company is by word of mouth, longevity in the business and of course, business awards. Our team at No Damage Removals** **are proud recipients of various awards such as the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business award in 2010 and Hall of Fame in 2011. We were also awarded Business of the Year in 2008 and The Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business award in 2010. These awards combined with our many years in the business and glowing customer testimonials on our page are proof that we deliver the service we promise with the best service in town. What to look for in a great moving service When you pay for a service you are well within your rights to expect excellent service. Look for a company who will show up on time, pack your items if required, safely for transport and be ready for the move. By being prepared, the right vehicle for moving will be present. The moving truck should be clean and in good condition for carting your belongings and for making the trip and avoiding breakdowns, amongst others. If they are supplying products for you such as boxes, then these should be good quality. In summary, if you want a company to move you that is reliable, affordable and provides great service, contact us at No Damage Removals today.

How Make Moving House Less Stressful for Your Pet

Moving house is stressful enough for humans, but totally changing your pet’s environment can be especially tough. You can help your pet cope with disorientation by following a few simple principles.   We’ve made a list of the things you can do before and after to make your pet more comfortable.   Creatures of Habit You can begin preparing your pet before you move. Routine is very important to most animals, and the disruption of normal patterns adds to the stress of moving.   You can minimise this by being careful to follow your normal routines of feeding, walking, or playing up until the last possible moment. You can then resume these routines as soon as you reach your new home, which will help your pet feel more in control.   Once you reach your new home, set aside a small room as their space. Fill it with their old bedding, toys and food bowls. If practical, try to arrange it in a similar way to their old space.   Bring Familiar Smells With You Smells are very important in helping your animal feel at home, so make sure your pet’s things still smell familiar. You can do this by not washing their bedding before you move out, and making sure they have their old toys.   If they are anxious, you can sacrifice a recently worn t-shirt for them to sleep with. You can also talk to a vet about buying a pheromone dispenser, which releases calming smells (don’t worry, only your pet can smell them).   Keep Them Busy, But Safe Territorial animals, like cats and dogs, will have a strong desire to get back to your old home. Make sure your new backyard is safe before letting them outside, by checking the fence is the right height, there are no holes, and the gate is secure.   Introduce your cat or dog to the house in supervised stages, reassuring them and setting firm boundaries. Your dog will benefit from on-leash walks to get them used to the new place.   You might see an upswing of “bad” behaviour after your move, such as accidents on the carpet. This comes from disorientation and upset, so punishing them will make it worse. It can also come from under-stimulation if they’re being kept inside, so provide toys and spend some one-on-one time with them.   The Day of the Move If possible, it’s a good idea to ask a friend to look after your pet on the day of the move. If that’s not an option, keep your pet in a room with their bedding, toys, and no foot traffic. Leave their pet carrier in with them, so they can get familiar.   Some professional movers offer a pet storage option. This involves keeping your pet in a comfortable and quiet place with their belongings until the moving is done, then transporting them to your new home.   This prevents your pet from becoming distressed by the disturbance of moving, …

Packing Might Be Easy But Who Is Going To Do The Heavy Lifting?

Oh wow! You are moving house – again. You thought you were going to get away with staying in this one for many years to come but here it is – a move. There are many reasons why a person or family will decided to move unexpectedly and No Damage Removals has heard them all. A change of job or a transfer, wanting to be near a good school or the in-laws, an unexpected but lucky sea change, even lottery wins and inheritances! It does not matter whether your move is a lucky break or out of obligation when it comes to moving day. Whichever way you look at it, it’s going to be a challenge. You have been hoarding the newspaper and bubble wrap for weeks now and you are feeling pretty confident about doing a good job but your back is tweaking already as it remembers the weight of that big wooden four poster bed. And who’s going to help you move the children’s IKEA double bunk and study unit? It was a nightmare putting it together and now you have to take it apart, move it, and put it together again? Bleh! Take the Easy Road and Get Some Professional Help Over the years we have amassed a brilliant reputation in the removal business. Our 2, 3, 4, or 5-man teams have been fully trained in the art of lifting, packing and stacking, as well as new home placement and there is not a job that we cannot perform with ease. Not only can we do all this but we can help you with the dismantling and reassembly of all forms of furniture. Everything from your office desk to that bunk bed you are stressing about. Relax and Let Us Do it All for You I want you to imagine – just for a moment – the long nights you might spend trying to pack up your belongings. You’ll probably get side tracked and distracted with your memories. And what about having to find good sturdy boxes, inventory, and mark everything correctly. Now imagine, what it might be like to let someone do the lot for you! We feel you relaxing already. With the team employing their expertise to pack and move your valuable belongings and treasures all you have to do is remember to put the children and the budgie in your car and have a comfortable drive to your new home.

Help Us Out By Helping Yourself

No Damage Removals have been proudly serving the Sunshine Coast community for more than ten years. We have pretty much seen it all and experienced most of it firsthand. That is why we feel we are fully equipped to offer any and all forms of advice to would-be home movers. It’s a tough job; there is no doubt about it. If you have a family it can be an even bigger job to keep an eye on children and take care of the day to day duties with them as well as organise a move. One of the best things you can do to help yourself when moving is to record as much as possible what it is you are moving. By this, we mean that the more information you hold regarding what you are moving the better off you will be at the other end when you arrive. So when you are ready to start packing here are some tips to help you create an inventory of your possessions. Get certified copies of your documents If you have such items as birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills, deeds, and insurance policies then get them copied and certified by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declaration. On moving day the originals of these items are things you should keep with you. Bundle up the copies with your moving items. This way you are covered either way should something go awry. Record your belongings You would be surprised how many people just load stuff up into their own cars or our vans without really having any proof or way of identifying what is theirs by brand, size or price. Take photos of your items, especially your valuable ones such as televisions and computers. It’s also a good idea to include your white goods. You can go further with this and record any and all items. This just really proves you actually owned these items before you moved. It will also help your mover locate them should they be accidentally delivered to another customer’s items that are also in the van. In this day and age, scanning all documents is an easy step to take so that you have digital records. This saves you carrying paper around with you. Store these photos with digital copies of purchase receipts and warranty’s together in a file. Make sure to include such data as model and serial numbers. Should anything happen to these items you have all the information at hand to make it easy for our team at No Damage Removals to assist you with the problem.

Phew! The Move is Done

Whilst you may collapse into your new abode with a feeling of relief there are still things to be done so no relaxing just yet! We know it has been a long hard road to sort out what can go and what needs to stay, get everything packed up safely and securely, and transfer everything to where it needs to be. No Damage Removals offer a few checks that you should complete before you can relax completely. Has Everything Arrived? If you have done the packing properly than you have made a list of how many boxes you have and which room they need to go into. Have a quick walk around your new home and double check that all is there and in good condition. If there are issues – document, and take photos of any damage incurred for that all-important claim. Major Appliances Your insurance may only offer a small time window to make a claim against damages incurred whilst moving so it is important to run through these checks. Usually, your fridge will need to be rested before switching it on. Once this time is allowed, switch it on and give it time to cool down before loading it up. This will give you time to check that it has not suffered from the move. Washing machines can have their drums secured whilst being transported. Make sure you remove this security before operating it. If it has been secured then it should work fine, If not, then you may want to run it through an empty cycle to make sure all is well. Likewise, if you have transported a stove, dishwasher or dryer just give them the onceover before using them. Utilities You can actually get your essential utilities of gas and power set up online these days prior to your arrival. Just double check that these are connected and running. Car Registration, Driver’s License, Insurance, and Electoral Roll Once you have settled you can notify the local authorities of any changes that need to be made. If you have moved interstate you will need to have a new registration and license. Be sure to advise the Australian Electoral Commission. Schools and Personal Care If you have made a big move you may not be able to research appropriate schools for your child until you arrive. If this is the case you may find information from your local library, community centre and neighbours regarding which schools are available. Likewise, finding a good doctor and dentist may not be top of the list but it is essential to know where to go should someone need them when you first arrive.

Missing Something?

No Damage Removals have judiciously and happily served the Sunshine Coast for the past 11 years. We have seen and heard some pretty amusing things since 2003. We can say amusing after the fact, but the truth of the matter is that leaving things behind when you move is not funny. Moving is a stressful task that takes time and energy. You must stay on top of it all and keep all those balls in the air if you are going to get through the experience unscathed. Too often the catchcry we hear is “We forgot…….” We thought it was about time to offer some words of wisdom and experience to help get you into the groove of the move without the hassle. Medical Records Depending on how far away you are moving, contacting your physician is an essential step to take. No point if it is just around the corner but if it is further than a few hours’ drive this is vital. It can save time and stress if you have your family’s medical records with you when you move. Too often people get to the end of their move without them and then fly into a flurry if one of them falls ill and has to go to a doctor who is unfamiliar with their history. Hidden Valuables From time to time we have been told stories of people leaving their hidden goodies in the roof or floor cavity of their old home, and vice versa, of someone discovering a rare gift in their new home! A great find for the new resident if they find that hidey hole but not for the genuine owner so be aware and think about removing these sorts of items well in advance of your move. This goes for the spare keys you may have hidden under that rock in the garden and the garage remote control you keep in the glove box of your car. Doing a Little Accidental Petty Theft? Remember to return all your borrowed items to their original owners. By this we mean that book you borrowed from the local library or that saw or CD you borrowed from your neighbour. The Final Once Around Too often when the truck is ready to go people can assume that the house is empty without giving it that last look around. Many small items can be left behind when moving. Remember the baby’s change bag and the item you popped into the top kitchen drawer so the children would not find it and lose it, or even the food and game kit you packed to have in the car ready for the road trip.

Settling in After Moving

After the last box is set down you will breathe a sigh of relief when you are moving because you are nearly all done. If you have enlisted the services of a professional mover like No Damage Removals, you will no doubt have experienced a very hassle free move. A team like No Damage Removals take care of all the hard work and heavy lifting for your move, including packing if you wish, so that you only need to organise the paperwork side of moving. So what is left once that last box is brought inside? Unpack but also unwind To begin with, a well deserved break may be on the cards and on your mind. If you have packed well then the essentials you will need for the afternoon/evening will easily be found on hand. If you have done this, let the unpacking wait for a while. Even with the help of a professional, moving is a very big and draining task, allow some time to unwind, refresh and recuperate. If you have been moving all day long and it’s getting towards early evening then chill out. Order some takeaways, enjoy a cold beverage and rest; you can start serious unpacking in the morning. Routine keeps you sane It’s easy to fall out of routine when you move but if you can, try to stick to your routine as much as possible, especially if you have young children. Aim to eat at around the same time, shower, read stories and get to bed at the usual hour. Sticking to the routine will help alleviate the unfamiliarity of a new environment. Again, especially with young children, this will help the transition as change is not always as exciting for them. Get your family to talk about their feelings for the new home and try to focus on some positives with them. Get the children involved If you have children, allow them to have a say where possible regarding how things are set up in their new rooms. This will help them to feel they have some power over the situation of moving and they will feel more involved. Take a drive If there is still daylight and you don’t know the area, taking a drive will help you discover shops, parks and restaurants close by. This might be a good time to stop off and pick up some takeaways for dinner so you don’t have to cook. Settling in is easy if you give yourself time to adjust without putting pressure on yourself.

Seven Days Out – Tips To Get You Prepared For “M” Day

Following on from the tips and tricks of what you can do 30 days out to have your moving experience running smoothly, No Damage Removals – the specialists in moving house and home or office and business – have put together some great tips and ideas for you to consider and act on when you are 7 days out from the big event – moving that is. Luckily, moving is not like having a baby, so you can plan your every move down to the nth degree. Time to Get Organised Hopefully, as per the 30-day suggestions, you have cleared out your unwanted items, leaving you with the most cherished, valuable bits and pieces. Nominate a room that has easy access to the driveway to start storing your packed boxes. Once packed it will help to have a list of what is in them in case you need something quickly at the other end. Plus, mark which box goes where. The removalist will love you for it. It’s always a big help to keep items of a similar use together so that they can go into that room at the other end. For example, keep your bathroom scales, electric toothpaste and brushes, shampoo, and conditioner, soaps, makeup, et cetera. in the same box. Ensure that anything you place into that box cannot leak and create a mess for you to clean at the other end. Cliplock bags are a great help here. Likewise, all your kitchen items are best packed together. To avoid stress once these are packed away, why not invest in some fabulous bamboo cutlery and plates? You can use these the last few nights before moving and the first few nights at your new home if need be and relax knowing you are not contributing to huge amounts of waste. If you find you don’t have enough paper to wrap your glassware you can use your towels or even clothing. Now is the time to have that last run around the yard to make sure it is left in a neat and tidy condition. This will also serve to use up the fuel in the mower and whipper snipper, making them safe for transport. Start to dismantle any furniture that travels better in its original flat pack form. Finally, a word on insurance. If you are using professional removalists they will have insurance cover, but, if you are intending to move anything yourself, it is wise to check that your insurance will cover any damages or breakages.