Upgrading and Moving Your Offices is Easy

When you upgrade your offices to a bright, new address it is important to plan your move carefully. There is very little point in improving your status and image within the community and then relying on the goodwill of your staff to get you through the difficult task of moving. It is not the intention to make small the advantages to having loyal staff members who would be willing to help you relocate your office and its associated items. It is more to point out that if you do value your investment and your staff you will consider most seriously using professional office removals such as No Damage Removals to get you through. Workplace Health & Safety – A Serious Matter Most would be aware that workplace health and safety is a fast growing field. This is obviously due to injuries that occur in the workplace being more stringently inspected, creating new guidelines for employers to follow. If you are the owner of a business that operates from offices, as opposed to the field or a factory, then you most likely have employed intelligent people who have a capability to understand and use computers and their associated programs and can communicate in real terms with your clients. Your insurance coverage would reflect this. Now please don’t take this point the wrong way! Furniture removalists are intelligent! They may even know how to use a computer but it is not their focus. The point is, whilst your staff members are trained to work in an office environment, a furniture removalist is trained to move heavy or sensitive items such as desks, filing cabinets and computer equipment with the minimum of stress to their bodies. Should an accident occur, the appropriate insurances are in place and will cover the claim. Packing, Dismantling and Reassembly all Part of the Service No Damage Removals http://www.nodamageremovals.com are also able to pack your office items and dismantle and reassemble all your furniture and equipment. How much simpler can it get? This will leave you and your staff, the valuable time they require to do what they do best – to stay in contact with your clients, thus reducing stress and downtime. So when you are ready to relocate, don’t look at employing the services of a removalist as an extra expense, look at it as an investment in you and your staff’s wellbeing.

Professional Removalists and Committed Staff Minimise Disruption

Relocating an office to larger, more modern premises is an exciting time for both the management and the employees. It is the start of a new phase in the business strategy and usually, it is also an opportunity for the staff to get new office furniture. For the move to run smoothly, employees usually pack up their own offices or work stations to keep track of crucial documents and work-in-progress. Follow Management Instructions for a Smoothly Run Move Management will brief the employees on the timing of the move and arrange for phones, internet connections, computers and other equipment to be moved and installed. They should also have issued staff with some guidelines as to what goes to the new premises, what should be shredded and what if anything, can be donated to charity. They will also have arranged for an easy furniture removals company to transport everything to the new location. There are standard packing methods that are very efficient and ensure that when everything arrives at the new premises, employees can quickly unpack and get back to work. Most office workers are still waiting for the long promised paperless office, so the first places to start are the filing cabinets. Start systematically at the top and work down, creating three separate piles. One will contain files to be archived, one will be shredding or recycling and the other can be packed into boxes ready for the removalists. Allow Employees to Manage the Packing of Their Own Equipment No Damage Removals are experts at moving people from one business location to another. They advise that the most successful removals are those where each employee is responsible for their own possessions, files, documents and personal items. Everything should be packed into proper removal cartons as these are much stronger and more uniform in shape than normal cardboard boxes. Take care to seal the boxes with packing tape, especially at the bottom and write the staff member’s name and office number in large black letters on each box. Also, include a brief summary of the contents. Unpack On-going Work Documents First Desk drawers should be cleared of rubbish and the contents packed into a box along with other support and resource materials. When packing documents needed for on-going work or projects on the go, make sure these boxes are marked to be opened first. This will allow employees to answer customer queries and find information while they are still in the process of unpacking the rest. Using a professional removalist like No Damage Removals can mean the difference between an office that is up and functioning with just a few hours of disruption or a disorganised mess that takes weeks to sort out. Think of the effect this would have on productivity and book them for your office relocation.

Preparing to Move Office

If you are moving office then the easiest way to do this is to have a professional company like No Damage Removals take care of it for you. They are well known for their safe office removals and have a reputation for high quality service each and every time. If you want to get in touch with them about moving your office you simply get in touch online by filling out the form at this link http://www.nodamageremovals.com/contact-us.php. In the meantime, here are some handy tips to help you plan the move and avoid unwanted hassles. Before the move It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the layout of the new office space. This way you can decide if there is anything that will not fit or you don’t wish to take to the new space. It will also allow you to work out if you want to purchase anything new for the new office such as new furniture for front reception, et cetera. Make a list of moving details and timeframes and get this out in a memo to all staff. This way everyone knows who is responsible for which area when it comes to packing. For instance, you should make it the role of each employee to pack up their own desk and personal items. Ensure that items that are specific to each employee are marked accordingly. Alternatively, you can create a page with the layout of the new office space and number each office or area; then place the number on the boxes that correspond with where they need to go. For items that are being thrown out you should mark them as such so the movers know not to grab them. This way you won’t have unwanted items in the office and they are easily carted away to be placed in the rubbish or to be disposed of. Day of the move There is bound to be some small amount of confusion and it may feel like chaos on moving day, but with a great mover like No Damage Removals this should be fleeting and you will soon be back to business as usual. You can help keep the drama to a minimum by staying calm and keeping on task. Moving is a big job but with a little patience it will all be over soon. Contact No Damage Removals today for a quote on moving your office and plan ahead to keep productivity at its peak.

Tips for Staying Productive While Moving your Office

The process of moving your office can be stressful. The stress arises from the risk of losing productivity while making sure you beat the deadline for the office move. Even with the help of professional movers, it is virtually impossible to undertake the move like it is business as usual. Here are some tips to help avoid too much downtime and minimise your stress levels. Plan Ahead Moving an office will possibly involve transferring a local-area network and wireless network. Know where all your Ethernet connections will be located. This way you will not be at a loss when working requires you to stay online. Movers will be moving all equipment, desktop computers, printers and other office machines. Carefully plan the move and, if possible, schedule the move on a weekend. If there is any downtime, you can address any problems that may arise over the weekend or early in the new week. Don’t Be Caught Unawares Prepare for the unexpected. No matter how you meticulously plan an office move, certain issues will arise when you least expect them. Here are some tips to prevent downtime when a problem unexpectedly comes up. Allot a reasonable timeframe for your office move. Have additional manpower at the ready. Work with a moving company that offers temporary storage and disposal service. Draw up a contingency plan for crucial activities. Upgrade While Moving your Office You can use the office relocation as an opportunity to purge and upgrade. It is time to retire old furniture and appliances that have served you for years. There are movers who will dispose of them for you. If your office is still using bulky CRT monitors, the move is the right time to replace them with space-saving and energy-saving flat-panel displays. You can either dispose of your old monitors or donate them to an organisation. Use your laptop computers as your temporary personal computer while the moving is in progress. Make sure your laptop is properly connected and has the latest software prior to moving to allow you to work uninterrupted while the office is being moved. Then, use the laptop as your main personal computer while things are being sorted out and organised in your new office. Co-operate with your Mover Half the stress in moving office can be overcome by finding the right mover. Make sure to choose trustworthy and honest removalists as they will be responsible for your valuables and important documents during the office move. Reputable movers know what to do, so trust them to do their job.

Your Best Choice for Removal Services

We all know how moving to another place can be a stressful undertaking. It does not matter if you are moving to another house or your office is relocating to another building. There are so many things to worry about and several things to organise and schedule. Getting help from a professional removal company can relieve you from the burdensome tasks that need to be handled. Affordable Home & Office Removals provides customers with everything they need to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are just some of the key points where the company can help you. Furniture Handling One of the common worries when moving is the handling of furniture. Affordable Home & Office Removals assures customers of professional handling of home and office furniture, so that these items will be removed and placed in the right room with no problem. The company has the expertise in disassembling and reassembling beds and other furniture items. Then, they take extra steps to make sure that the furniture items are placed in the rooms. Packing Services If you do not have the luxury of time, you can ask the removal company to do the packing work for you. Items will be organised and packed to ensure that there are no breakages or damage to them during transit. The removalist allows you to customise your packing. You can do as little or as much of the packing work as you would want. The rates will be adjusted accordingly. Carton Loan The company offers a flexible service to its customers. If you wish to do the packing on your own but do not have the cartons, you can borrow boxes from the company. You will be provided with boxes that are specifically intended for moving purposes. You can be sure to get the right packaging materials to protect your valuables during their transport. No Damage Guarantee You can relax with the knowledge that the company offers a written no-damage guarantee for its moving service. The company understands the need of customers to get to their destination without any hassles, so they make sure that they employ safe movers to handle furniture and valuables. All-Day Service The company covers all of South East Queensland and provides the same excellent service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter what time you need the service. The company will adjust to your needs and schedule. Visit the company’s website at www.nodamageremovals.com to find out more about their services.